Chain Letter

Chain Letter
A few reviews from the Chain Letter exhibition...

Huffington Post by Lisa Adams
Chain Letter: A Group Exhibition Featuring Sixteen Hundred Artists. Fact or Fiction?


Fact: on June 14, 2011, I received an unsolicited email from an artist with whom I've been acquainted for years. It read,

"This is a chain letter, yes, but it is also an invitation to participate in the Chain Letter show at the Shoshana Wayne Gallery. See below for details and please forward this to 10 artists you admire."

It sounded fun and I liked the stated direction of artists you admire. OK, I'll bite. In the week following, I received approximately 25 additional invitations to the same exhibition. Now I really thought this might be fun. Read more...


WhiteHot Magazine by Megan Abrahams aka Megan Frances
Chain Letter at Shoshana Wayne Gallery

August 2011

Truly great art is the harmonious marriage of brilliant concept and exquisite execution. As in all relationships, there are times when one partner dominates. Such was the case with Chain Letter, the concept of this group exhibition so timely and resonant, it took off this summer in New York City, London, Paris, Johannesburg, Boston, Philadelphia, Seoul and here in Los Angeles. Read more...


LA Weekly By Carol Cheh
'Chain Letter' at Shoshana Wayne Gallery: Artmaggeddon
Monday, July 25, 2011

Talk of "Chain Letter" started bubbling through the art community about a month ago, after curators Christian Cummings and (former LA Weekly critic) Doug Harvey sent out the first two email invitations asking 10 artists they each admire to participate in a free-for-all group exhibition at Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Bergamot Station. Those 10 artists were asked to forward the invitation to 10 artists they admire, and so on into infinity. Anyone who received an invitation was automatically accepted into the show. No wall work was allowed, everything was to be placed on the floor and artists were to deliver and install their pieces themselves. Read more...


KCRW Art Talk with Edward Goldman
The Road to Art Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You've probably seen photos of aspiring actors standing on streets in endless lines, waiting for a chance to audition for a role, no matter how small. Oh, to be seen on the stage! In the theater world, it's known as a 'cattle call.' Now, suppose that a producer with a heart of gold decides to say 'yes' to each and every one of these hopefuls. Imagine Chekhov's Three Sisters performed by a cast of three hundred… the rest I'll leave to your imagination. Read more..