(installation view)

My Own Personal Nuclear Family
clear acrylic family and house scene, faux grass, 16mm film projector, motion detector, clear acrylic stand, various cords
dimensions vary

(detail view 1)

(installation view, rear)

My Own Personal Nuclear Family

My Own Personal Nuclear Family is a light projection sculpture-installation that was shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Philadelphia, PA in the summer of 1998. When viewers approached the installation, a motion sensor  would activate and supply 30 seconds of power to the 16mm film projector. This would draw the viewer closer to the artwork in order  to inspect it. Once the viewer stood still for a period of time, the artwork would power off. As the viewer attempted to move away from the artwork, their actions would activate the sensors and the imagery would begin to project onto the wall again. This often peeked the interest of the viewer as they realized their movements directly affected the artwork. The concept behind this was to reinforce the notion that no mater how hard some try to achieve something we desire, at best we only get a glimpse.