(installation view)

Aquatic Shadowing Surveyance (A.S.S.)
surveillance equipment, man-made island, simulated body of water
dimensions vary

(closeup view, left side)

(closeup view, right side)


Aquatic Shadowing
Surveyance (A.S.S.)

Aquatic Shadowing Surveyance (A.S.S.) is a small scale, multi-media sculpture-installation. The piece sat directly on the gallery floor. The floor had been painted blue throughout to simulate water. The small man-made island consisted of a surveillance camera on a tripod that feed the monitor next to it that displayed the action that occurred inside the gallery. The camera and monitor were kept on at all times. The monitor was positioned so that it could be viewed while inside the gallery as well as from outside the gallery while looking in through the exterior windows. This gave viewers the opportunity to experience a significant part of the piece even while the gallery was closed. During the course of the exhibition, there were small cards with a web site address that gallery visitors were encouraged to take home with them. The idea was that you could check on the action inside the gallery after hours from the web feed coming off the surveillance camera in the piece. The video feed on the web site would begin with black and white video footage of a small pond. The reeds would begin to rustle and the image would become increasingly broken up to the point that the image would go to static and then eventually end in color-bar pattern. 

A.S.S. was shown December 2005 - January 2006 at the 222gallery in Philadelphia. It was the premiere piece in a themed and juried group show entitled, Something in the Water. Curated by Dave Delaney.